dealex Policies

WELCOME TO dealex.

We (Dealer Exchange LLC) hope you find it useful. By accessing or otherwise interacting with our servers, services, websites, or any associated content/postings (together, "DX"), you agree to these policies as well as the Terms of Use  ("TOU") (last updated June 1, 2022 and available at 

REGISTERED MEMBERS.  The website, and any associated services and information, are provided as a service only to users that have registered and been approved as users by DX administration.    Only users that are directly engaged as a dealer, distributor, manufacturer or supplier of products sold by Food Service Equipment and Supply dealers may be authorized to use DX.   DX will, in its sole discretion, review and approve/disapprove who may register and use the system.    DX, in its sole discretion, may change the approval status of any existing or potential user for any reason at any time, and may include or exclude particular companies as it decides.

DEALER/DISTRIBUTOR MEMBERS.   Dealer/Distributor members are able to list items for other dealer/distributor members to purchase, and they are able to purchase items from other dealer/distributors and manufacturer/supplier members.   

MANUFACTURER/SUPPLIER MEMBERS.   Manufacturer/Supplier members are able to list items for dealer/distributor members to purchase.   While Manufacturer/Supplier members can browse the marketplace and listings it contains, they are not authorized to reserve or purchase items found on the marketplace.

MULTIPLE LOGINS.   Only one user ID will be supplied for any participating company.  Members are permitted to share their logins with others in their organization, with the understanding that anyone permitted to use a login is authorized to create and manage their organizations listings, reservations and purchases.

SUBSCRIPTIONS.   We offer monthly subscriptions, billed in advance,  with no long-term commitments.   Once a paid subscription is initiated, that subscription will be automatically renewed monthly and billed in advance until the subscription is cancelled by the member.   You must be a subscriber in good standing to post listings  or to browse or acquire products on dealex.   

LISTING FEES.   DX will bill for each listing as soon as they are posted as an active listing on our service.   Listings that are not marked sold, expired or cancelled by the member before the end of the initial listing period (currently 60 days) will be automatically extended for another listing period (currently 30 days).   Listing fees are not pro-rated for the period of time that they are active.   If you have active listings but cancel your subscription, those listings will be terminated without refund for time remaining.   

PAYMENT ON FILE.   Members will provide an authorized and active method of payment on file with DX. This may be a credit card, debit card, or ACH authorization.  Failure to maintain an active payment method will result in the immediate suspension of the member login access, and the immediate cancellation of any active listings. 

MONTHLY BILLINGS.   Members will be billed and their payment method charged for all subscription and listing fees billed during the previous monthly period.   

LISTING ACCURACY AND CONDITION.   Sellers are responsible for listing items accurately and completely, and for disclosing any known information about the items they list.   Buyers are responsible for verifying the information provided by the Seller.   DX has no responsibility for the accuracy of the listing information, or for the quality or delivery of any items located and purchased through the dealex system.  Notwithstanding the previous sentence, DX reserves the right to remove listings it determines are incomplete or misleading.  If there is a dispute about an item or a payment associated with ta listing, the associated buyer and seller are expected to resolve it independently of DX.   If there is an issue that cannot be resolved between buyer and seller you may contact DX, who will attempt to help the two parties resolve the issue.  

TRANSACTION COMPLETION.   Purchasing and selling members are responsible for entering into their own specific purchasing and selling process when completing a transaction.    Sellers are responsible for updating the status of a listing to reflect either a successful sale or to reactivate the listing on the marketplace.